This is the home of the BOINC/Drupal Integration testing effort.

This project aims at providing a new CMS-based web front-end for BOINC projects using Drupal to facilitate content editing by non-administrative personnel as well as site maintenance. The initiative has been launched by a collaboration of Einstein@Home and GridRepublic with the Einstein@Home website serving as a pilot project. During development we paid close attention to separate the codebase between generic parts that could eventually become part of the official BOINC codebase and any Einstein@Home project-specific code and settings. This means, when we're done we want to be able to provide a new fully-functional but much easier to maintain web front-end to all interested BOINC projects.

This documentation is supposed to facilitate beta testing which happens at the Albert@Home project, the test project of the Einstein@Home project.


Participate in the beta test:

  • Get acquainted with the documentation provided here (as it becomes available)
  • Attach your BOINC client to the Albert@Home project (to create an account if you don't yet have one)
  • Start testing by visiting and logging in at:
  • Provide feedback:


Facts about the current installation:

  • Requires Drupal 6 and Apache Solr 3
  • While Albert@Home now runs Drupal, the original BOINC web interface is still available in read-only mode (no login possible)
    • All functional BOINC data, like account settings (incl. preferences), are shared between both front-ends!
    • All static and dynamic, non-functional content (message boards, private messages) is separated!
  • The separated content currently available got either imported or created
    • Forum content, friendships and private messages got imported (reflecting Albert@Home as of August 8th, 2014)
    • Static content can be found in the "Science" section and is meant as an example only and is thus incomplete
  • Known issues:
    • Drupal's message board functionality is still somewhat limited. We tried to provide most of the vital features that are currently offered by BOINC and we intend to add what's still missing. Please have a close look and report anything that BOINC offers but that's still missing in our implementation.
    • Internationalization and localization is planned for phase II, that is for the time after the Einstein@Home Drupal migration (see below).
    • The new Einstein@Home site layout, while more or less done, is not yet 100% final/complete.
    • Some content (like "About Our Screensaver" on the front page) is still missing and/or not linked to.
    • Documentation is by no means complete
  • TODOs:
    • Provide more static content
    • Improved forum functionality
    • Improved RSS functionality (currently only covering news items)
    • Further improved project-specific preference handling (it's great already (smile))
    • Finalised generic theme
    • Improved SSL support
    • Support for cookie-based client installation


Projected timeline:

  1. Moderators-only beta test (tick)
  2. Public beta test (tick)
  3. Full migration of Albert@Home to Drupal instead of "parallel" use (tick)
  4. Resolve bug reports and feature requests discovered while testing on Albert@Home
  5. Test full migration of Einstein@Home (2-4 week period)
  6. Goal: full migration of Einstein@Home
  7. Phase II developments


Available documentation:


To be continued... (smile)



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